Our story

The story of the development of a modern and specialized recruitment agency

Since its inception, Modeverket’s business concept has been to provide highly specialized advanced recruitment services within fashion, sports and related sectors such as footwear, promotional apparel and workwear, accessories, home furnishings and beauty products.

Our journey began with the idea of ​​starting a niche recruitment agency that would focus on fashion, sports and related sectors. In 1999, this became Modeverket, part of Bohmans Nätverk with offices in what, at the time, was the Stockholm Fashion Center.

Despite the close connection to the Stockholm Fashion Center, the decision was made to move to a more neutral location with regard to both clients and candidates. The head office in Stockholm has been located at Kungsgatan 29 ever since.

In order to get closer to its clients, Modeverket expanded to Gothenburg in 2004, where it has focused on providing expertise suited to the local needs of clients in southern Sweden.
In 2007, primary ownership of Modeverket was acquired by Bertills Consulting AB with the aim of modernizing and expanding operations to cover the entire Scandinavian market. In 2008, in keeping with that goal, Modeverket opened offices in Copenhagen and Oslo.

In 2009, a collaboration with the magazine Habit was launched to develop the digital advertising site Fashionnet in order to modernize communications with clients and candidates. The aim was to replace the traditional print advertising that still dominated the way positions were advertised.

Due to the change that occurred with the emergence of social media and the difficulty of reaching candidates with a single job advertisement, the collaboration ended in 2015 in favor of focusing on targeted advertising through Modeverket’s website and social media.

Today, Modeverket is Scandinavia’s leading recruitment agency focusing on fashion, sports and lifestyle. We are a total of 13 employees divided among offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Oslo and Copenhagen. We work with both local and international companies with operations in Scandinavia, and over the years we have built up a unique network of candidates for the Scandinavian market.