Our process

With nearly 20 years’ specialized recruiting experience, we have learned the importance of having a quality-assured process that is constantly being evaluated and developed according to the needs of our clients and their candidates. Our objective for each recruitment process is to, in a timely and cost-effective manner, provide you with a thoroughly-reviewed and accurate selection of candidates matching your needs – both present and future. We also know that each recruitment presents unique aspects and challenges that must be reflected in the process.

Therefore, by focusing on quality and flexibility, we’ve developed an approach that enables us to deliver the highest quality in every recruitment.

1. Needs analysis and applicant profile

A recruitment process always begins with a needs analysis. We look at your business, your corporate culture and where you are today. Even more importantly, we look at where you’re headed. We then conduct an assessment of the experience, qualifications and personality-types that best match your needs, which are compiled to create an applicant profile.

2. Job advertising

Attracting the right candidates for a position with a job advertisement requires experience and care. We determine your needs and together help you create a job advertisement that presents your company and the position in a clear manner optimized for maximizing the number of qualified applicants. We then publish the advertisement on our website and our social media.
If you prefer not to publish the name of your company for the sake of confidentiality, we provide the option of using our name as the sender of the advertisement, or to bypass this step altogether and work directly with headhunting.

3. Search process and selection

We at Modeverket have a unique and extensive network of candidates in the sectors for which we recruit – in order to match your business needs better than any other player in the Scandinavian market. We also actively search within external networks. For our more advanced products, we offer a comprehensive review of the market and headhunting to ensure the best possible selection for your recruitment process.

4. Interviews

Our experienced recruiters interview selected candidates to ensure that they match the applicant profile. The interviews are 60–90 minutes long and are usually carried out at one of Modeverket’s offices.

5. Presentation

By carefully evaluating the current candidates against the applicant profile in each step of the process, we will present a selection that best meets your needs. We never bombard you with CVs. Instead, we present a highly accurate and thoroughly-reviewed selection of matching candidates, both verbally and in writing. Based on your choices, we then book interviews with selected candidates.

6. Tests

Final candidates selected from the interviews are submitted to our reliable tests, and you have the option of complementing our matching test with a logic test. We report the results to you, both verbally and in writing, so that they are included in your evaluation process. At a follow-up meeting with the responsible recruiter, the candidate will be able to access the test results.

7. References

We check at least two references for the final candidate, addressing any questions that have arisen during the interview or in the tests. The references are then compiled in writing and presented to you verbally.

8. Contact with candidates

We maintain responsibility for keeping in contact with candidates throughout the recruitment process. We provide feedback to those who are active in the process, and we always ensure that all candidates are notified when the process has been completed.